Obtaining CompSim Software

Government Use Licenses

Licenses are available to U.S. Government Agencies (i.e. military, government labs and/or agencies). Limited-term licenses are also available to companies performing work under contract issued directly by a U.S. Government entity. NTESS is under no obligation to provide any assistance or technical support for the NTESS SOFTWARE. Technical assistance and/or support may be available for a fee utilizing one of NTESS’ standard contracting mechanisms.

Please visit ASC Software Requests page to submit a request for a copy of one of our codes.

Once the Online Participant Data Sheet has been submitted, please allow up to eight weeks to complete. Please email asc-approvals@sandia.gov if you have not heard after that time.

Important: A step in the licensing process requires that an original of the signed license agreement be returned to Sandia within 30 days of receipt of password. Failing to send a hard copy will result in cancellation of the license agreement and download privileges revoked.