CompSim Distributions

The Computational Simulation Group at Sandia National Laboratories develops and improves predictive simulation tools to support the U.S. stockpile stewardship. These large-scale codes incorporate physics and engineering models and specialized codes to predict, with reduced uncertainty, the behavior of weapons, and their components in a variety of environments. In addition to supporting the stockpile, a number of other national security missions use these simulation tools for innovative product engineering.

Our Sierra capabilities include Solid Mechanics, Structural Dynamics, Thermal Mechanics, Low Mach-Fluid Dynamics, High-Mach Fluid Dynamics, Topology Optimization, Multiphysics Coupling and Enabling Technologies. Additionally, we offer SPARC which is used for parallel aero dynamics. We offer problem setup with Cubit, Sierra Editor, DART Workbench and SEACAS. Finally, we offer both Verification & Validation and Post Processing.

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